Are you still just “thinking” about doing a video?

Is video marketing something your hear and perhaps talk about but not really do?

using videos on social media

Click on the image to find the infographics

We all love videos and I mean most of videos we love are the silly, entertaining, raw as opposed to the carefully rehearsed and choreographed stiff corporate style ones, right?

So if you have a business of your own, how many videos did you create so far?

I bet the answer is less than 5. If I am wrong, and you are a pro at creating videos and at marketing videos, read no further! Awesome, just leave us a comment with your site or blog URL and we’ll visit.

I think most of the time we get to self conscious and don’t like the video we created so we will not use it or we get bogged down with technical challenges and get frustrated….I’ve been there 🙂 so we give up.

Have you tried to use Animoto before? I have and I can’t believe how simple it is and what nice videos you can create. I am not even an affiliate for them (maybe I should be…) so have no special interest in saying this but having tried other software I find Animoto to fit my needs.

I mainly use it to promote s service or a special offer with a few images and CTA (call to action) so no talking heads not a personal me “talking” video. I actually ran a Facebook ad a while ago using one of these videos for my client and got the most views and interaction with it.

Animot just came up with a cool infographics you might want to check out.

Click here to read the article and/or to see infographics.

So are you using videos? Are  you planning on using videos? Would you post them on Facebook or Youtube? 


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