Social Media Image Sizing

Have you ever got frustrated with trying to get the right size image on any of the social media that you are using?

For example the other day I was trying to get a nice picture I had my Youtube channel….that was a frustrating experience I don’t want to repeat any time soon.

I also get requests from my clients once in a while to help them out with adding a cover image to their Facebook page or update their Google Plus cover…the list goes on.

I do not even try to do these tasks anymore, really, I am not a Photoshop expert and I can never remember the exact images I am supposed to use for each social media. I simply hand it over to my awesome assistant…but that means I have to pay for every single image he uploads when in reality I probably could do some of it myself.

I have to say I was very excited when I came across this infographics by LunaMetrics. This social media image sizing cheat sheet rocks! Keep it handy. Bookmark this page. I can guarantee it you will need to use it as a reference.

So here it is:


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