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During my 6 years of helping small businesses with their online marketing I realized it would be nice to have a place where small business owners and individual professionals who are doing some of their own marketing and advertising  or simply want to keep informed, could go to and get some quick easy to follow help. So the Effortless Marketing Club idea was born.

Having a central place to find your answers get advice and even promote your own services/products is a huge time-saver and an opportunity to network, bounce ideas around and test your products without leaving your office or spending money.

The main benefit of this club is to keep on top of the ever changing, fast moving Internet marketing strategies and technology without spending hours and hours getting confused and frustrated trying to find out things on your own.

We will be covering this in as much or as little detail as you wish (the majority of you) in the monthly webinar.

Your small monthly fee is giving you access to:

  • all the Tools
  • all the Training material.
  • our private Facebook group where you can ask question, toss ideas around and mingle with likeminded people
  • showcase your products to fellow members ( offering a discounted rate if possible)
  • add your website/blog to this site if you wish helping your traffic
  • promote your services/products to the public promotion board of this site
  • find an accountability partner
  • and more (this is your club so we’ll consider adding  whatever you think it’s needed)


About Viola Olah

Viola Olah

Hi, nice to see you here.

I live in Calgary, Canada and loving it, although the winters are a bit of a pain sometimes.

I discovered Internet marketing about 6 years ago and now I know how it feels to be passionate about your work and not mind working all hours and days of the week because work doesn’t feel like work, it feels much more like continuous fun 🙂

I am a strong advocate of local small business owners who are working very hard to make their business a success. My interest is to help them and provide them with the best and most economic online marketing they can afford. If they get results I get results. We all know word of mouth, being that in person or online through social media, is the most powerful lead generating tool out there, so if my clients are happy and successful that just means more leads and clients for my little company – VH Marketing Ltd. Definitely a happy WIN-WIN situation.

Well, that just about covers it. Oh, one thing you might find interesting is that I was born and raised in Transylvania, yes, it’s a real place (NW part of Romania) but don’t worry I am not dangerous….well let’s say you are safe until midnight…ha-ha.

Concentrating on helping small businesses achieve a web presence that will generate them qualified leads and bring in much needed business.

Small business owners who are willing to take some action and believe that big part of marketing and advertising today is done online will get results:


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